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Things To Consider When Renting A Yacht In Miami Florida

Miami, Florida is a popular location for many people to plan vacations. There are a ton of exciting things to see and do in the area surrounding Miami. The city is located in the southeastern part of the state and offers residents and visitors many miles of beautiful coastline.

One of the most popular things to do while vacationing in the Miami area is exploring the nearby bays, islands, and the ocean. One popular way to do this is by Miami yacht rental services. However, there are many things to consider before jumping on this adventure.

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What To Look For When Searching Local Miami Yacht Rental Companies

The Miami area has tons of companies that offer yacht rentals. These companies range in size, which typically depends on the number of offices and fleet available. Larger companies typically operate out of multiple ports and have larger fleets.

However, smaller companies can often offer perks and incentives that larger ones do not. Typically, your travel plans will have play a considerable factor on which local yacht rental companies to choose from.

What To Ask Before Booking A Yacht Rental Service In Miami Beach, Florida

There are several things to consider before booking a yacht rental service. Sometimes people are able to rent a yacht without being required to hire a captain and crew.

This will depend on whether or not any individuals in the party have sailing experience. The experienced party’s experience with vessel size and types of water will also play a factor in this option.

Information on the individual vessels for rent is important to get prior to choosing the particular vessel for the adventure. Size, age, and number of persons allowed are typically the first questions asked about.

Other things that are necessary to inquire about would include charter service areas, amenities included in the rental price, and insurance costs.

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Yachts are built by many different manufacturers. Some of these manufacturers include Sea Ray, Regal Commodore, and Beneteau Grand Turismo. There are many different styles of Yachts that range from smaller cabin cruiser type models to large luxurious ships.

Many sailing catamarans are also included in the rental yacht category. These vessels have their own unique styles and purposes. They are typically ideal for people who like to anchor offshore close to the islands and sandy reef areas.


Yacht rentals can vary, depending on the individual company, size of the vessel, and other factors. Typically, yachts are larger vessels so most company require a minimum rental period.

The average minimum period during the busy yachting season is around 5 days. Many people find that trips longer than one week can be twice as costly. This is because these trips require more supplies, man power, fuel, and additional docking fees at various ports.

Yacht rentals are especially good for families. Many times large groups can help cut down the individual cost of renting the vessel and crew. This is also a great time for families to explore areas they are not familiar with and make memories.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Yacht In Miami, FL

The cost of a yacht rental in Miami, Florida depends on a lot of factors. The age and size of the particular yacht is one of the main factors that determine this cost. The current location of the vessel, destination, and length of time of the trip will also greatly influence this cost.

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Another thing to determine the cost of the excursion will be the type of yacht rental. There are three main types of rentals to choose from. The Bareboat rental is when an experienced individual rents the boat exclusively and pays for any additional fees associated with the trip.

A Cabin charter is when several groups of people rent out certain areas of a yacht that is being operated by a captain. A Crewed Charter is an all expenses paid trip that includes a captain, crew, port fees, and other amenities.

Water toys are another expense to consider. Some vessels automatically include these in the cost, while others do not. Water toys include fishing boats, wave runners, slides, and other things associated with playing safely in the ocean.

Look For A Reputable Yacht Rental Company Before Making Any Decisions

There are many ways to find reputable companies to rent a yacht from in Miami. Many people find that adequate research on the internet will lead them to these companies.

Things to look for in competent companies include outstanding customer reviews, transparency in their fleet’s maintenance records, safety policies and procedures, and years of experience in the yacht rental business.

Travel agencies and brokers are another option to utilize when looking for reputable companies to rent a yacht in Miami from. These professionals often work with a number of rental companies and specialize in specific types and sizes of yachts. They are independent brokers, which means they work for you and not the rental companies.

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